The Allure Of Aruba

Aruba, an island located in the southern part of the Caribbean just miles off the Venezuelan coast, is a popular tourist destination known for its reliable sunny weather. However, it’s not just the warm weather in Aruba that makes the island interesting. Aruba’s cultural influences are so diverse that old Aruban traditions have mixed with contemporary influences with ease.

Tourist Attractions

While the vibrant culture and the island’s friendly locals are reason enough to go to this island in the West Indies, Aruba also features scenic beaches. Eagle Beach is one of the top beach destinations in Aruba and the world according to travel site Trip Advisor. Famous for its breathtaking waters and soft white sand, Eagle Beach is also the nesting ground for sea turtles. This beach is also home to the most photographed fofoti trees in the island –an Aruban trademark featured in many of the place’s advertising photos.

While the beaches of Aruba are the most popular places to go to while in the island, Aruba also boasts a rich history. The island’s name translates to “red gold” and was named after the 19th century gold rush in the island’s northern coast. The remains, located by the seaside, can still be explored today. Tourists interested in going to this tourist attraction can ask locals on how to go to the Bushiribana Gold Mine Ruins.

Like other parts of the Caribbean, Aruba has its own pirates’ tales. Tours going to Quadiriki Caves will give you a glimpse of pirate life in days of old. The Quadiriki cave, even without pirates’ tales is interesting on its own. It features openings that let the sunshine in making it possible for tourists to bathe in sunlight even if they are in a cave. Located at the Parke Nacional Arikok, the caves sit nearby a number of other attractions. This includes one of Aruba’s oldest farmhouses surrounded by cactus hedges.

For the adventurous, driving a 4 x 4 going to the park’s Conchi (Natural Pool) is a great idea. Surrounded by rocks, Conchi is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area.

Museum lovers also have a place in Aruba. The Numismatic Museum of Aruba, guarded by sculptures depicting Don Quixote and his squire Sancho Panza, was founded in the early 80s. The museum has over 35, 000 pieces on display.

The National Archaeological Museum of Aruba located at Schelpstraat 42 Oranjestad is also a great place to go to. Open from 10 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon on weekdays, the museum is home to over 10, 000 artifacts of Amerindian origins. These artifacts come from historical cultural periods and the pre-ceramic and ceramic period.

The Historical Museum of Aruba is also a great stop. Established in the year 1983 after the Fort Zoutman Willem III Tower was finally restored, this museum is one of the most visited museums in the island.

Another famous Aruban attraction is the California Lighthouse perched on a rocky hill. The lighthouse known as the Hudishibana, is said to be the island’s silent watchman. The area where the California Lighthouse stands gives tourists one of the best views of Aruba’s western coast. The lighthouse is located near the California Sand Dunes –a wonderful place for family bonding. The Faro Blanco restaurant is also nearby and it boasts a wonderful view of the island.

Aruban Nightlife

Island life is peaceful but do not think that it will be quite boring come nighttime. Aruba has a very vibrant nightlife. Tourists can go to the casinos in the area where one can enjoy gaming until dawn. A few of the popular casinos in the island include Stellaris Casino, Cyrstal Casino, Seaport Casino, and Alhambra Casino. If you are not up for gaming, you can enjoy barbeque and cocktails by the beach.

Getting Married In Aruba

While the Aruban population is predominantly Catholic, other religions are practiced in Aruba making it a great wedding destination for any couple with any religious background. Aruba is the perfect wedding destination thanks to its reliable sunny weather, magnificent sunsets, and its beautiful landscapes. With Aruba’s wedding planning industry already in place and thriving, couples planning to get married in this part of the world are assured of a beautiful wedding.

One must note however that like other places in the world, there are wedding requirements that must be filed with the Aruban authorities before a wedding can take place in Aruba.

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