Bali: Multiple Pleasures In One Holiday

A fantastic holiday is something that everyone desires, but a holiday is even better when the setting luxuriates in refinement. Bali submerses travelers in a decadent effervescent that transcends the routine getaway, creating memories that last a lifetime.

Bali Basics

Luxury holidays in Bali transcend the normal island hopping getaway. Part of an archipelago of 17, 500 islands, many consider Bali to be the most unique of this island group. It offers excellent reasons for staying put in one place.

Full of mystical elements and jaw dropping scenery, this Indian ocean gem offers breathtaking natural elements incorporated into a modern lifestyle. Known the world over as a surfer’s paradise, various Bali beaches offer glistening white sand while black sand sparkles across others. Active volcanos abound. Yet the island consists of more than natural intrigue. A spiritual ambiance permeates the island, enhanced by a unique local culture unlike any other in the world, set among modern buildings and ancient ruins.

Surfing Resorts

As previously mentioned, surfers consider Bali one of the best places on earth to expand their horizons. The waters are rough and the views impeccable. The surfing in Bali also differs from anywhere else because it encompasses five-star resorts and dining. Bali even played a large role in creating the term “luxury surf travel”. These resorts offer first-class pampering and stunning views of the ocean swells. Surfers traveling the luxury holidays route always appreciate such five-star amenities as butlers, villa gardens, spa services, and more. The Eastern Hemisphere waters prove quite challenging for even the most seasoned wave breaker, so it makes sense to book a resort that pampers.

Spa Decadence

World travelers and spa enthusiasts refer to this Indonesian haven as Asia’s spa capital with good reason. The spiritual buzz of the city infuses their five-star spas with a peaceful vibe missing from other popular spa cities throughout the rest of Asia. Bali boasts a number of award-winning spas. At least twenty of the world’s best spa call Bali home, often in conjunction with a world class hotel. These oases of pleasure offer Balinese style treatments, Western treatments, or a fusion of both treatment styles. Many of these spas offer holistic sessions for couples or solo guests, including prana energy treatments, scrubs made of exotic fruits and coffee, flower petal baths, deep tissue massage, and meditation. The Balinese philosophy focuses on pleasing their guests, and this includes making it easy to book a spa appointment by staying open round the clock.

Late Night Shopping

Bali markets exist on bargaining, so local vendors expect that all interested parties arrive prepared to bid. The markets offer fine hand carves jewels, paintings, sculptures, fine fabrics, and furniture. Bali boutiques offer dressmakers and tailors, along with internationally known collections. The Balinese organize their shopping into areas dealing in the same items. For example, dress shops all exist in one area, while leather goods exist in another area. This arrangement makes it easy for shoppers to compare prices, colors, sizes, and styles. Another bonus: the best shops stay open late so guests can enjoy the beautiful island during the day then shop late at night, before hitting the nightlife scene.

Splurging in Style

Nightlife on this island thrives with a high level of sophistication that rivals cities like New York and London. In addition to the ambiance of the actual club or pub, the island incorporates its natural beauty into many of these places. Some of these spots overlook the cliffs on a beach, while others loom right before the water. No matter where on the island a night spot dwells, taxi drivers know how to get people there in ease and style. And speaking of style, it is important when going to a nightspot on this island. The Balinese prefer that their inhabitants and guests look stylish, and this is never more true than at night in a luxury bar or club. Each night spot offers fabulous interiors enhanced by gorgeous lighting and stellar sound systems that feature some of the world’s hottest musicians and DJs. The kitchens in these establishment consist of award-winning chefs and menus with imported beers, fancy cocktails, and fine liquors. It will truly be a night to remember.

Luxury holidays are even a step above the normal luxurious getaway when it comes to Bali. This beautiful island is like a slice of heaven, and has certainly earned the right to be called “Island of Peace”, “Morning of The World”, and “Island of Gods”. Find out why by scheduling a jaunt today. Luxury holidays will never mean as much as they do in Bali.

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